Flow computer Raya

Raya flow computer has been designed with the aim of measuring and calculating the flow rate of liquids and natural gas with high accuracy and reliability. This flow computer supports a wide range of different flowmeters, such as pressure difference, linear pulse and ultrasonic flowmeters, and its calculations are in accordance with standards such as API21.1, API14.3, AGA3, AGA8, ISO5167, EN12…405-3, etc. It is compatible. The use of double type data is the reason for obtaining the highest accuracy and compliance with API requirements
The design of the equipment is modular and has 3 electrical boards including the main board, analog card and HMI board. The main board of the equipment generally includes power supply, processor, digital and frequency inputs/outputs and network modules, which are based on IEC standards and designed to work in hazardous environmental conditions.
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